Idea: Rotary for tube cutting at gantry home position?

I once cobbled together a 4th axis stepper motor rotary along with a pair of other linear axes to make a CNC MIG torch welding system for welding around the perimeter of a pipe. I was thinking that if the XR gantry homed to a location positioned over a rotary, the gantry axis could be used to cut pipe on the rotary.

Has anyone seen this on a plasma table? I have seen it on a CNC router for milling aluminum tube fish mouths. I may have to make one. MACH3 makes it pretty easy to do along with a Gecko Drive G540 4 axis stepper motor controller board. Given tube diameter, I think it might be easy to drawfish mouths in Solidworks and un-roll them to create a DXF file to drive the Y-axis. The rotary motion just needs a Pi ratio factored in to its motion which I think MACH3 allows somehow.

update: I found this:

This is the CNC aluminum tube cutter I had seen before using a gantry router:

Did you ever dig further into this? I’m currently creating paper templates and cutting tube by hand which is time intensive with less than perfect results as you can imagine.

Not yet…guess I need the right project to push me.