I would like to pierce to mark hole and no travel

As the Title says I would like to be able to make a pierce to mark a hole location for drilling and no travel. I am sure it is simple. Just haven’t found the answer yet.
So let me know if you know. BTW I use Fusion 360 and post with it as well. My machine is the XR and with HT65 Sync. Regards, Danl

In sketch, 0.011mm, these get recognized (0.01mm will not work). You will need to set your sideways compensation to center, turn off lead in and lead out, set pierce clearance to 0, and on the tool reduce the nozzle clearance diameter to 0.1mm (it can not be 0). There might be a new way of doing it in fusion? i know @TinWhisperer did some work on this topic


Here’s a topic we were working on this on the autodesk forum.

What we’re really waiting for is them to do an update that gives us the same marking capabilities as sheetCAM

To speed this process up we need to be the squeaky wheel. We can provide some squeaking here.

It’s up to us to bombard Fusion with requests for features we want.


Okey doke. I will give the first post a try and I will send in a request to Fusion 360 folks as well. I go ahead and purchase a subscription to F360. I really don’t make any money on it but I have some options that come with it that I use.

Thanks so much guys. Danl

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I use free version myself but I don’t really sell anything as a business. This is just fun hobby for me.

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You can go through the whole CAD CAM process with the free version of fusion 360.

There is some bonuses to getting a subscription but it’s definitely not required.

The subscription version does not have marking capabilities either just to be clear.

they have a start up license you can apply for. must be a real business with less than $100k in revenue. i am working as hard as i can so i can start paying them. when revenue gets there i will be happy to write the check.

that said i hate it for post. sheetcam is so worth the $150 bucks one time. it is the best value software out there.

You can make a separate tool path to peck the holes, in theory:

You can “peck” the near-center of a hole by making a hole in the same location that is 0.01 inches larger than your kerf width of your “tool” in the plasma cutting library. You will also want to make this change to your “Passes”: Decrease the Tolerance from 0.0004 to 0.004.
PassesSettings for Pecking

I left the sideways compensation to “left” since theoretically, the torch is cutting inside this contour. If Fusion 360 is having trouble making the cutting path for this peck, keep adding 0.01 inches to the diameter of the hole until it picks it up. When I did this (on paper) Fusion had no problem generating the cut path with the circle 0.01 inches larger than the kerf width but I did not take this exercise to the table to see how it cut. It is still just a theory.

Since you are using Fusion 360, you will either want to remove the real circle contours from being selected in CAM or simply make them construction lines in the sketch.

When you run the tool path for these “Pecks”, you will pick each hole as a contour, and uncheck lead-in and lead-out. Your pierce clearance will be “0.0”.

What could possibly go wrong???

Edit: Apologies to @DonP. My method is basically what you said. Sorry to repeat. Just two ways of looking at the coin. It is all about making the area just a bit larger than the plasma stream.

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@Danl you should talk with @manoweb