I took the plunge, what am I in for?

I have been lurking here for a few weeks, I placed a order tonight for the Crossfire machine.
I have a Miller 625 Extreme, I bought it a year or so ago, I understand from reading the forums it is not the best machine to use on the Crossfire but it is what I hope to get working.

Last week I had the electricians add some 220 receptacles and 4 110 outlets where I plan to use the Crossfire.
My son and I both downloaded the Fusion 360 software last week and it seems I may be able to make it work.
I do not plan on making signs, I do want to make some trick parts for the racecar and some stuff for my business.

I would have loved to see one work but it does not seem there is any in CT close to me.
I was pushed over the edge today when I saw a forum topic about a guy that lost everything in a California fire including his Crossfire machine that was not unpacked yet, the Langmuir folks stepped up and offered to replace the machine for free! That sealed the deal for me. Proof that good people are running this company.
I don’t know when it will show up but I am looking forward to getting it, I am not looking forward to rewiring the 625 extreme.

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You’ll be in for a good time. Having the Crossfire table will change how you think and go about your daily work routine.

Fusion is a powerful program and I suggest that you become vary familiar with it. It seems like everytime I use F360 i learn something new that it can do.

It’s almost to good to be true.

The 625 Extreme is a good machine, you can even get a machine torch for them if it’s already outfitted with the detachable torch cable.

Buy the water table. No real way to do anything thinner than 1/4" without it warping, bad. Also cuts down on fumes a lot. I was hesitant at first to get one, but then did after seeing how thin stuff cut.

You’re in for a good time. This machine has an insane amount of power and takes up such a small footprint. Be prepared to look at things in a different light - “I could cut that”

Where in CT are you?

My biz is in East Hartford, that is where the machine will be set up when it arrives.

I did buy the water table and the laptop stand.

Jumped in with both feet.

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The machine torch for the 625 EX is $850, the hand torch will have to do for now.
Apparently you have to buy a new face plate for the machine as well that has a cnc port in it.

Been running fine with Miller 375X with hand torch… no complaints except maybe cable management could be improved. It’ll be worth it ctgolfer, just definitely have some patience with the assembly. Watch the videos, don’t skip any parts lol. Fusion 360 is your friend. With this program and the table, just about anyone can become a skilled fabricator. No need for layout dye, squares, and scribes. Draw it up, and cut it out.


Lots of tutorials on Fusion 360. I watch a lot of Lars Christensen. He’s very good and goes slow. You’re going to have a blast with your Crossfire!


Is your machine this version or the new inverter style?


I’m up in Simsbury. Not too terribly far away.

I have this one


Just up the road really. I think I have learned much from your posts in here and your just up the road! What are the odds of that?

Your doing good work for us newbies.

Gotcha. You may have the wiring schematics in the back of the manual or can download them from Miller. You’ll just be paralleling the trigger switch with LS contact. Your machine should be good all the way through 1/4 without issue. If it has the ICE-40 or the 55 torch you can source Machine Torch consumables and run those on your hand torch.
I only upgraded my 625 to cut 3/8" and larger.

Best, Steve.

As long as you don’t need any software support, mine is in the corner covered up. Can’t figure out the software on this “hobbyist” level machine. They don’t have any live support for software and I was told it was someone elses software and to contact them. Good luck and hope you are a software genius.

Most of us aren’t. But, have you done all the tutorials?


Also, Lars Christensen has a lot of really good Fusion 360 (the app that causes most angst) on YouTube. He works for Autodesk so he’s not making stuff up like some YTers do.

If you really can’t wrap your head around it, that’s too bad because there’s an awful lot of cool things you can do with this.

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Did them over and over, kept having issues that are not addressed in them. They will not respond by phone only vague emails that do not help. if you know anybody that is near S. Mississippi they can come by and pick up my new fully assembled table for $800.

That’s too bad. The trouble with any tutorial or video is they’re frozen in time but the application keeps changing. Like when Fusion changed “CAM” to “Manufacture” in the menus.

I think you can post a for sale posting here in the forum and may find a willing buyer.

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