I need some help or mentoring

I received my machine surprisingly under the timeline that it was originally scheduled :ok_hand:t3: With that being said I couldn’t quite get the hang of the software part of things, I did spend time on fusion 360 and I have a pretty good idea of the design part of things, however the whole G code and mach3 is still a bit challenging, if someone is willing to just guide me through I would highly appreciate it, I’m all willing to get this done I’ve watched a lot of videos but the more I watch the more questions I have, in I’m the Arizona time zone if that makes a difference lol

What part of Az are you in? Im in Peoria

Douglas, man all the way down south

Oh, that is south.

Have you made any headway in issues?

Not really brother i haven’t build the machine as of yet, I just really wanted to have a go to in case I needed

What part of Mach 3 are you struggling with? Got a design already?

I’m struggling to get the G code itself, so I design the part and that’s about it, I don’t know if I’m not designing the part as I’m supposed to for the g code to be generated