I need less tapper on my cuts

ok I want to cut 3/16 and 1/4" material with less tapper. How do I achieve this. More power or finer cut consumables. I’ve played with my cut height and I feel like .060" is as good as it gets for my Razorweld Razorcut (x45 torch)

I’m starting to think my only option is to go to the Hypertherm Powermax 45xp

one other thing i’m considering is turning up my air pressure. Right now I’m about 80psi @40amps

check square of torch to material…very often that is the issue…
check direction of travel of the torch around the piece…
check the swirl ring is placed the right way…it can make a differance
and the last…fresh consumables

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve don all of these things. My angle is consistent on x and y axis cuts. It’s just that my friend can cut 1.5" thick steel with almost zero angle so I figure I should be able to cut 3/16" with almost no angle. Maybe I’ve just got the bar set too high but I feel like if I find the right torch with the right consumables this might be possible.

@Richarddbeck83, I completely understand what you want, as has been my goal for the last few years. I started with a Hypertherm 30XP which did ok (but not stellar) up to 1/8" on the table, any thickness beyond that had tapered sides from the torch and the out of square of the torch that proved to be more pain in the neck to correct. The bearing correction on the x-axis is crude at best. Fast forward and I’m putting a Primeweld Cut60 to work and am getting the best quality edges I could probably expect at the moment. I have needed to place a shim just behind the torch mount (stacked tape strips on the axis bracket) to find the correct vertical. There is flex in the torch mount when using a hand torch, no one can argue otherwise, I can flex the mount too easily.

Cutting thicker metal with high quality is nothing more than paying a much bigger price for the plasma cutter. Hypertherm 65 or 85 set correctly will accomplish most anything at peak quality that this table could handle. I don’t see anyone posting images of 1/2" steel cuts from PW Cut60 and Langmuir table, but thinner stuff yes.

My biggest frustration with the information on the forum is how fragmented it is. There is still no aggregate that presents real world results in photos with exact hardware, software and settings. If there were we could see real world limitations with cutters, brands, and settings. otherwise it’s just every man for himself with some help here and there.