I need a little help please

Hi, my name is Jason and I live in the orlando Florida area. I just bought a used plasma table. It is not the pro. It is the small one which is perfect for me. I did not get any paperwork for it at all. Nothing. It is almost new. My question is would someone be so kind as to tell me how and where I need to start so I can learn the proper way the first time? Is there instructions I can download that will walk me through the complete process? Thank you so much

Welcome Jason! You can go on langmuir main site and look under support. They will have some info to get you started.

Hi Jason, welcome to the forum. lots of info right here on the forum, feel free to use the search feature (top right of the screen). Lots of knowledgeable folk around here and the following site is a good place to start:



Thank you very much. Also does anyone know of any place where I could find files to make parts for Motocycles, Dragbikes, and just race bikes in general. Cannot wait to make my first part. I know it is a big learning curve and will be a while before I get proficient at it. I have a lathe and a mill and it has taken years to learn how to make items and I am still a rookie. But this new machine is incredible and fast. Thanks everyone

Jason - Where in the Orlando area? I am in Kissimmee. I had the Crossfire for a couple of months before I sold it and purchased the Pro. Let me know if I can help you out with anything.

Hey Brian,I am not farm from you. I am in Longwood. I am about a mile from I-4 @434. I just unloaded it at my shop and started to take a close look at it and I missed this when I bought it. The last owner has a wire coming out of the right side of the case on the plasma cutter. I asked him what that was for and he said the instructions said that is what he had to do to get the plasma gun to work. The end he has sticking out of the box is the same one that just plugs into the front of the machine. I am going to have to try to find this online. To me it is not right. Unless he upgraded something. But the guy was old and I could not get any info out of him when I bought it. I am going to get 220 hooked up in my shop right away. If you might be interested in coming by for a short time I would pay you well to make sure the machine is hooked up correctly and working . From the looks this table looks like it has no time on it. Thank you