I learned a thing. F360 and reduced feed rate percentage as default

So the norm for reduced feed rate when cutting curves is 65% - so says the general poupulation here on the forum

In Fusion 360, when setting up your cut parameters, on the 2D profile window / Passes Tab / Feed Optimization section ~ Reduced Feedrate enter - tool_feedCutting*.65

Set that as a user default, and now no more best guess math.

Might be that you all know this.

Edited 04/22/24 - expression error in command line. Fixed it.


It is very good information.

I used to be a bit of an Excel junkie and at one point I used to spreadsheet program on my Palm m100 called abacus more then often. The cells in Autodesk Fusion in a lot of cases work very similar to Excel.

It’s a great reminder to everyone.

My preference is 60% on steel and 50% on aluminum.


Might be that 60% is the popular choice, I’m admittingly a little fuzzy on things like this. Which is cool, one enter your Their % and save it.

Now begs the question if you can save different profiles - Aluminum and Steel…

It would make sense that any machining parameters would have material specific defaults.

This is where store as template comes into play.

Select that profile from your Fusion browser on the left hand side.

Click and store as template.