I have no idea!

ok, please don’t bashing on me!!! I’m a 100% newbie that has zero experience with fusion360. before I start dropping a lot of F bombs why in the “F” does fushion keep telling me that one or more items or what ever they use is out of date??!! I’m vey close to punching myself in the southern area to dumb my pain!! all joking aside i do not know what i missing here! I created a new sketch with just a square and a circle and when I try to make a 2D cut profile i get one or more operations are out of date. what am i missing here? I followed the youtube videos to a T!!! Im getting pissed that the oly thing i can cut is from he share site hats cut ready!!

Did you extrude your sketch to make a body?

use the hot key “e” then extrude your square, you will notice it has cut out the circle. you can then go to manufacture and do your setup and select your cut paths. By extruding you eliminate the need to select individual contours.
Hopefully doing this will get you past the errors…

Im not familiar with that error. I looked it up on the Fusion360 forum… there were some old posts about a glitch causing that error but nothing recent that seemed relevant.

Hopefully Tin can explain that for both of us.

Watch these videos from @TinWhisperer. They are short, concise and relevant to CNC plasma.

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I did extrude it. I even made a simple square with a hole in it and extruded it to 0.125" thick. but once I go the the 2d model after setup, no matter what I do I get that message! granted I’m a new user and I’m trying to learn but i feel like setting it on fire and walking away! LOL

Post the F3D file what you are trying to do

OUT OF DATE Means that you changed the drawing after you had run a setup and cut profile.
If you are happy with the drawing just go back to manufacture and delete the entire setup and tool path and restart. Fusion can’t run the program loaded if original drawing had been changed.
Good Luck, don’t get frustrated you will get it.


Try to export and post your f3d file from Fusion.

In the top left click the file system tab and then go down to export and you’ll find export F3D there.

You may have to post a few more times before it allows you the option to upload.