I have had cutting problems

Hello everyone, I have a Jasic brand Viper Cut 30i plasma source. I have had cutting problems. I want to change the torch. Which torch can be adapted so that the cutting improves?

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I am woefully lacking in this information but will alert several members that might have an idea that could help:
@mechanic416 or @TinWhisperer

What torch head do you have? The s45 or jx45? The s45 has a silver electrode. I’ve had both. The jx45 is a much better torch. If you want to cut thicker metal you might want to invest in a more powerful (amps) cutter. What problems are you experiencing?

If you purchased the Vipercut 30i plasma cutter from Langmuir Systems back when it was available from us, then it included the S45 torch in the box. The Vipercut 30i is also compatible with both the X45 hand torch and X45 machine torch that we sell separately at the links below:


If you have the S45 torch (its not a real Trafimet S45 torch) then I would suggest using better quality or original Trafimet 0.8mm/30 amp tips, electrodes, swirl ring and retaining cup. This will help your cuts. Also your air quality and volume will also help.

The X45 torch is really not a good match for the cut 30 as its a 45 amp torch, has a larger air line, 45 amp consumables work but not well and you would want to run 30 amp fine cut consumables all the time.


Hello, where do you recommend I get original or good quality consumables?

Northern Tool sells original Trafimet S45 consumables. Also you can get them from here. The Plasma Cutter Shop | eBay Stores

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