I have an issue on sheetcam to F360

When inserting a sketch from sheetcam to F360 all of the dimensions change like the X may be 16.00" after inserting to F360 it could be 126" and the same on the Y has anybody ran into this before? Thanks

Hey Dean… I think you mean F360 to SheetCam right?

Make sure your units (Inches/Metric) are set both the same in each program you’re using… I know I’ve taken things drawn in another scale and had to make adjustments for this in the past… After a while it’s just one of those things I automatically look at…

When you import into Sheetcam, you also have the opportunity to scale/convert the drawing at that time… See here—>

Perhaps it’s as simple as that… There are a few other things but, I’d start there!!!

Good Luck!! & Let us know please!!

I will check it out tomorrow i’m home now with my son and his family and his 3 boys happy fathers day everyone. Thanks Dean