I decided to bite the bullet

I’ve been hearing such great things about Water Jet cutters that I decided to get one. Here it is installed in a little used part of my workshop…

JK, I ran into this on a tour at the Front Street Shipyard in Belfast Maine yesterday…


Holly crap!!!..yu gave me a heart attack…purely based on jealousy…

one serious table

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Don’t do that! …Dude, I nearly had a stroke! :flushed: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :tumbler_glass:

THAT, is one, FRIGGIN’, SWEET machine! :heart_eyes: :nerd_face: :rofl:

makes ya never want to do plasma again…fathom the cost of that beast…way beyond me…unless i win lotto

Ya had me drooling as well I was going to look for the website where it was purchased. We have one of those at work and the cuts are amazing and their capacity. Definitely have to have the production needs to justify one of those. We’ll have to wait until the price drops on those. For the money you can’t beat our plasma tables, I’ve pretty much got mine rigged up so that I can belly to the bar and have it cut what I need, but I have only scratched the surface. I have a Pro and even considered upgrading to their new table.