I cut a 7ft Bigfoot!

I had an order for a 7ft Bigfoot. I have only had my crossfire pro for about 8 months and was skeptical if I could complete it. I asked fusion 360 program support and they sent me a video on how to program it. I cut it in 3 set ups. Cut the head and shoulders then move sheet up to next work offset , cut torso move again and cut legs /feet. I have bare minimum on my old computer but bought a new one. Should be here in January. I had to change to old firecontrol due to machine freezing in middle of cut. I have new laptop for firecontrol but every update I get a freeze up out of the blue. Langmuir crossfire pro is a great solid machine and have had a blast using it for a side business. Don’t give up. I will send pic of bigfoot when I figure out how to. Lol.


wow i had no idea you could do that in sections! would you be willing to share the video so anyone that wants to can learn how to do bigger stuff?
i’m not a tech guy but i’m sure someone here will give you some pointers.

Search the forum for “segment index” and you’ll find lots of posts of projects made bigger than table size and how they did it.

@Joe103 Here’s a video that helped me a bunch… It may not be the same one mentioned above, but it’s worth a watch in my opinion…

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Does FireControl provide a means to set the DRO value? I don’t use it so I don’t know what its UI provides.

Yes, you can enter a value there in the DRO…

thanks Tom, ill check it out tonight!

thank you Bill I’ll go check it out!

Hey Guys, what is DRO? I’ll check back tonight! thanks

Digital Read Out. They are referring to the X/Y values.

I tried to copy video but it is a screencast from Autodesk sent in a message. First I sectioned off bigfoot so that I cut him in 30 in moves. I made a straight edge so I didn’t have to worry about losing x position. I would cut a section then move to exact point on drawing for next cut. I had to make 3 sketches, 3 setups and 3 cut profiles. I work 2 jobs but I will try on Christmas shutdown to get you some more information.

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I found out how to copy this email from autodesk. He goes really fast so you might slow it down like I did. Good luck and have fun.



George, @George thank you so much for sharing this! My nephew asked me when i got my machine if i could make one for him that was this big! I had told him no but looks like its possible! Do you mind if i copy your idea? thanks Joe

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No sir, share away! Have fun with it. I cut him out of 16 gauge and put angle iron behind it for support.
Uploading: 20211220_140002.jpg…
Uploading: 20211220_130917.jpg…

Far out, thanks! @George I was not able to see the pics they say still uploading. I’ll check back later to see if they are uploaded. Great idea on the angle iron to straighten it! Thanks again, joe

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That looks great!

I’ve got a cabin pretty remote in the woods, I should cut one and stick it out there somewhere. I’d likely come back to it filled with bullet holes…


this video explains it pretty well
Index cutting with the Langmuir Systems CrossFire Pro and Fusion 360 - YouTube


@George I just seen the pics and this is cool! You did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing!

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