I axe you, who needs a halberd?

Scored some used 12ga 12" circular saw blades on craigslist and now it’s making time! Couldn’t find tool steel feeds and settings, so I winged it. 70 ipm, 32A on a Razorcut 45, Crossfire XL w/ Z-axis & THC. Some mild dross on backside, but easy to grind off during sharpening.

Next up, karambits!


That is cool! What software are you using?
My son is having a really hard time getting his torch head to fire when he goes to run a program. Any ideas? I believe he is using Fusion 360? And he does have the THC.

Fusion 360 for design, Sheetcam for CAM, Firecontrol for machine control.

I’m still getting my head around the THC, so no real expertise yet. The THC control is all in FireControl, Fusion 360 shouldn’t be involved at all. If he isn’t running IHC (initial height control,) or manually setting the initial height correctly, the torch won’t fire when it’s too high above the workpiece to start the arc.

Thank you for your response I will relay your message to my son tomorrow. I’ll let you know what happens .
Thanks Again!

Hey there,
So my son switched the 2 wires plugged into the front of his plasma torch (Razor Weld 45)
And that was the FIX! So I appreciate your help. Good luck with your future projects!!