I am lost using Fusion's update

Fusions I can’t seem to find the basic 2D plasma cutting setup and G Code creating functions in Manufacture mode. I feel like I need to re-learn the software. Anyone having the same problem?

I just use the right click drop down menu for my setups, here are a couple of shots you can see the flow of them. First is creating a new setup using either right click or just at the top there is the option to select a new Setup(left) or new NC Program(right).

2nd is setting up a 2D profile just right clicking again.

And finally just selecting the Post Process at the top

Now grab a cold one and watch the magic work! Cheers :beers:

Its under the fabrication tab… They changed it to be more similar to the updated design tab. Though I would like to see it default to the fabrication tab, after I set my operation type to cutting in the setup folder.