Hypertherm xp45 Machine Torch - Any additional wiring?

I now have my table set up and just ran the break in program.

I Bought the hypertherm XP45 with out CPC port— I had to buy the add on cpc port, I now have that installed on the unit and wired up.

I still need to hook up the THC unit and have decided to go with a machine torch from hypertherm to stay married to the table. ( it has not arrived yet )

Question - When the torch arrives is it really just plug and play or is there additional wiring to be done?
Every time I get deep in the forums and think I have a grasp on what needs to be done I get lost, most of the forums I read is additional wiring for making the hand torch into CNC ready.

Will I still need to mess around with switching pin connectors and the torch on/off wires???


If you are wired to the torch on/off in the machine (Hypertherm) and to the torch and work lead wires in the machine (Hypertherm) then the torch on/off goes to the Voltage Input Module:

The torch voltage wires (torch and work clamp) from your plasma cutter will go onto this unit:

A wire from PV output will go to the enclosure.

You will plug the torch into the plasma cutter.

When you want to use your plasma cutter elsewhere, you would disonnect the wires from the Voltage Input Module box and plug in any Hypertherm torch into your plasma cutter as usual.

You will be very happy you have the machine torch. It is easy to set up and easy to inspect and change consumables.

To make things easier, once you have everything set up correctly, label the cables and the spots where they connect with your own words. Then when you take things loose, it is easy to find where things go again.

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