Hypertherm torch users

Does anyone have any input as to machine torch selection for my 45xp?
I have done a bit of research and it appears there are two choices. One is a quite large torch and the other they refer to as a “mini” which seems like it may be a better option than the bigger one.
Just wondering if any of you have been down this road and have a suggestion as to best option.
Thanks guys

I have what is a standard machine torch. It cost an arm and a leg but it is a good one.

I am sure you have gone on the Hypertherm website. When you pick “mechanized” it sends you directly to the larger torch. It mentions that you can also use Mini torch and then describes the differences. I guess it is up to you.

I guess if you want to get into some of the other cutting situations, like they describe (pipe cutting) the mini is an option. You will want to research whether the Langmuir mechanical torch holder will work with the smaller profile.

Once the long one is on the table, you won’t really notice it.

Thanks for responding! One of the things that crossed my mind was the (however remote) possibility of upgrading to a bigger machine in the future. Doubtful I will but it could happen when I win the lottery!
I’m leaning towards the mini at the moment with a 15’ lead. It seems that would be long enough?
Thanks for your input!

I have the 45xp with the standard Duramax machine torch, 25’ cable length. Part number is 088167. Works great and fits well in the Langmuir machine torch mount. No issues at all with it.

I ordered my 45xp w/machine torch through Langmuir when I ordered my Crossfire Pro.

I probably led you astray. Dan is correct that the Duramax machine torch 088167 (25 foot) or 088169 (50 foot) is the one you would want.

You would think what hypertherm shows would be enough. Now I remember I just went on the website where I bought my unit and looked for the machine torch there when I upgraded. I did not use the Hypertherm site.


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Many THANKS for the responses! Very helpful.
I believe the “standard” torch will be my choice.
It seems the 25 foot cable works well? In my head it seems long but you all indicate it works ok?
Aso, going to ask another question but maybe it may be better to create a topic. Thanks again for helping!

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I think that many people with some of the other plasma cutters, they have lots of electro-magnetic interference from the torch and/or work clamp. This is less of an issue with Hypertherm units. It is difficult finding room to lay out the 25 foot cable let alone considering a 50 foot cable with this in mind. I do have the 25 foot cable and usually don’t give it much of a thought where it is. I have not had any EMI issues, thankfully.

Picking the Hypertherm unit was a good move for all Hypertherm owners.

The 50 foot cable would be a constant housekeeping issue since I move my table every time I use it.

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Just adding some information for anyone also making this choice in the future…

The standard torch can easily be converted to a mini if you want, so it gives some flexibility if you need it.