Hypertherm .tool files (I'm offering them)

Hi folks.
I’m gonna put all the data from my Hypertherm manual into a few .tool files for SheetCAM use. I’m totally new at this though so if some guys can please check what I’ve done so far I would appreciate it.

Once I find a more suitable permanent host for storing these files for download I’ll be putting it there. But for now I found a free place you should be able to download this tiny file for now.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Bummer, its gone. thanks for posting anyway, I’m just too late to the party.

So does anyone have HT65 Sync sheet cam tools that we can get without making them ? Mainly working in common sizes mild steel 1/8 (11 ga) , 1/4 ,3/16 3/8, 1/2’. Also the slow 50-60% down rules in place and drop THC rule Fire cam may do stop THC already but unclear… If we need to do it on our own its okay and we will share . K

Don’t add any THC on/off rules. Firecontrol automatically shuts off the THC whenever torch speed falls below 85% of the program speed. Adding THC on/off commands in a path rule or code snippet is the cause of most problems with Sheetcam G-code files that won’t run in Firecontrol.