Hypertherm Sync cartridges

I think there has be a bit of controversy on these when they came out. I usually a sucker for new tech so I bought one for my older 65Amp unit, it was the fine cut and yes I did have to get the adapter. I spent the money so you don’t have to. So far, I am pretty happy with the fine cut unit at least. I have well ofer 2000 pierces on it and a fair amount of cutting as it is my main go to. So yesterday I did a little experiment. I put back on the old style tip with a 45 amp fine cut nozzle, the nozzle was a knock off I think with great reviews but the rest of the components were genuine. Nozzle had never been used. I cut the same file I had cut the day before with the Sync cart and the results were surprising. the back of the piece is the most telling. The Sync cartridge with over 2000 pierces still performed way better than the brand new knock off. I would expect new to new the genuine would be better, but not after 2000 pierces. Below is the pic, there was one minor change to the file as you can see but the post settings were identical.


Glad to hear some do a review. I have been waiting to get real world review before I spend more money . Looks like I may have to get into my mad money( as my dad called it)

Neither of them look good to me. Unless the edges aren’t supposed to be straight. But a knock off nozzle won’t cause a straight line to be wavy. Looks like you need to either work on that file or tune up your table.

it’s the back side

Back or front doesn’t look good either way. Like brownfox stated, need to check machine/file its out of whack.

It is also magnified significantly, and I’m not sure if you are aware of what happens when you hit a fine edge with a heavy gauge knotted wheel at high speed from different directions. Those are NOT fresh off the table. I can assure you the top of the cut was pristine until I welded it up to some other parts.

Here is another but I hit it with the wire cup as well, not quite as aggressively. I don’t think there is a problem. it is a tiny piece.

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Yeah the scale makes a difference. But I’m the context of the post, doesn’t makes the cartridges look that great.

The third pic is great though, but there does appear to be some taper on the square. What size kerf are you getting with the fine cut cartridge? I believe their specs show it’s even smaller than standard consumables.

Shadows and light and angle…

As to the kerf, I have not measured. I am calling good enough for now as the parts fit where they need to fit. The sync just seems easier for machine cutting. Saving my other consumables for my hand torch, it may be a few bucks more but not digging around for parts, dropping one or two etc. Kind of like the coffee question. grind fill and brew or toss in a pod. good reasons for both,

2000 pierces is remarkable - and if you get this in a a production environment that SYNC Cartridge starts paying for itself in Parts Labor Change out Costs - please keep posting results.

An update - we are seeing similar results in other machines ESPECIALLY when using Larger Everlast, Razoweld, Lotos - CUTMASTER Power supplies - upfront costs are higher, but the far superior consumables costs start justifying OEM HT Torches - add in the SYNC improvement and it gets better.

Run SYNC on your Razorweld - Everlast - Cutmaster - Lotos ETC

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