Hypertherm pro nesting Lt software?

Has anybody used Hypertherm pro nesting lt. Has anybody using it. And it easier to learn than Fusion 360 ? And can it be used for CFPRO and Sheetcam ???

I looked into it briefly but I think it’s $30 a month or something which was the same as a full license to Fusion 360.

Fusion 360 is definitely very challenging to learn. But it’s also like having three different pieces of software.

So is Fusion 360 as hard to learn as three different pieces of software. Plus all the exporting and importing between those pieces of software?

Fusion 360 does have some amazing paid add-ons for nesting generation but it also has a very clean to use, basic nesting environment included with the normal software package.

I could put together a small video of how to use the nesting functioning Fusion 360 effectively .if you want to pursue that Avenue still.

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Hypertherm Pro Nest LT does indeed work with our machines. We have worked with Hypertherm to generate a Post for FireControl. SheetCAM is not required in this workflow.

That said, it is not a Langmuir “supported” option but Hypertherm’s support is top notch.