Hypertherm powermax 65 torch

HI, I am assembling a new table using a hypertherm powemax 65. This is not the new sync version. I’m having trouble figuring out what torch i need to get. I currently have a hand torch only. Anyone know if the sync machine torch heads will work or do i need to get the legacy machine torch? Also what adapters/tips work best. thanks

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This link should help shed some light. It allows you to pick what type of cutting you will be doing (Mechanized) and then lets you pick the machine that you have.

The list of torches and consumables are then revealed (hopefully :man_shrugging:)

I researched that awhile back and yes they will work but they do not give the feedback information to/from the machine so you will not get the full value out of them without having the sync machine. (Or something like that).

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Thank you for the response. So based on that info, Getting the sync torch is actually cheaper than a legacy torch with the adapter for the new consumables.

EDIT: Based on some other forums the Pin Assignment in the Sync Torch is different and will not work on the Legacy 65. So i need to get the legacy mechanized torch with adapter for the new consumables.

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I was thinking of giving a response before you edited. I am thinking that is a good call to stick with the legacy.

You might talk with a local supplier or a large web company like Baker’s Gas that sell Hypertherm. They might have some further insight. You are definitely not the only one asking these questions.

I have the 45XP and very happy with it.

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I would talk to a few people that has run the sync consumables on the Duramax torch before I solely went that way . I have a non sync 65 one of the last two I could find before they rolled out the sync’s. I get amazing service from it. You just need to make sure your air quality iis right.


I have the same older hypertherm 65. Here is what I ordered from http://www.weldingsuppliesfromioc.com/

|HYP059477|Hypertherm 25ft Duramax Machine Torch Assembly (059477)
|HYP851466|Hypertherm Powermax 65 Mechanized Consumables Kit PM65 (851466)|