Hypertherm Powermax 65 Chart

I recently replaced my Razorweld 45 with a Powermax 65.

What does the percentage in the cut chart refer to?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Probably duty cycle

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The percentage in the cut chart you’re referring to is probably 250%, they typically like the pierce height 250% of the cut height.


It’s under pierce height. Went through the manual and the internet and can’t find anything.

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Got it… thanks I see it now that I have looked at it with your advice.



0.125" * 120% = 0.15"

0.125" * 200% = 0.25"

it is a % difference of cut to pierce height.

Do you have a Powermax SYNC?

In the standard powermax manual most are closer to 250%

Yes, just plugged it in a couple days ago with our crossfire pro table. I am in the process of changing the tool settings in SheetCam so I don’t have to keep adjusting settings for various parts.

I have the original PowerMax 85 and I run an adapter so I can cut with SYNC consumables.

Maybe there’s someone out there with a SYNC who already has made a sheet cam to a library they can send out to you.

I have a bit of a SYNC to a library but it’s in fusion 360. And the cut chart for the SYNC adapter is a little bit different