Hypertherm Powermax 65 Aftermarket Torch Wiring

Hey everyone,

Long time listener, first time caller.

I recently picked up a used Hypertherm Powermax 65 w/o CPC, I need to set it up with a torch and leads. Obviously the first that that one notices about machine torch and leads is that they aren’t exactly cheapest $650+.

Now, I know it will probably grind some gears of those sticking to OEM parts and consumables, but is there any reason that I can’t replace the lead connection on the front with the standard aftermarket connector to run the much cheaper aftermarket machine torch and leads? First and foremost, it is rated for the current levels the 65 outputs, the torch originally comes with an Everlast 80A model.

Parts in question:
Torch Connector 9-Pin
Machine Torch Head

While I’m in there I figured I would splice in the wiring as well for control that typically the CPC would handle also.

Are you saying the Hypertherm has been modified and has a Everlast torch on it?

I would not recommend doing that kind of modification.

Yes I Hypertherm 65 with an Everlast 80A lead and torch, is that your opinion or do you have actual justification? Apart from quality of consumables (which can be swapped for quality) and meeting current /voltage requirements, what could be another pitfall/issue?