Hypertherm Powermax 45xp Cut Chart Needed

Hey Everyone! I’m brand new to this. Don’t beat me up. I’ve looked through the forum but either I’m just not finding it or I don’t know what to look for but I’ve got everything setup and I’m at the point of doing the CAM in Fusion 360. I have the Hypertherm 45xp. Pro table. THC. Air. Just trying to put in the values. I can’t find anything in the manual about “Lead-in Feedrate or Lead-Out Feedrate.” Cutting Feedrate is right in the manual that came with it. I’m doing mild steel. 11 gauge. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Fusion will automatically apply your cutting feed rate to your lead in and lead out feed rate.

I sometimes speed up the lead in feed rate but if you’re just starting out I would leave it all the same.

The hypertherm manual will only include your cutting feed rate

@AdvancedSportTouring welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the forum!

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