Hypertherm powermax 45

I tied into the purple and orange wires on my Powermax 45 and it worked with no issues.

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Just found the plug and associated parts for the CPC port on the Hypertherm 45. Total delivered $25.68! Digi-key part numbers are as follows:
A1358-ND Conn plug HSG male 14pos inline $5.54
A32516-ND Conn backshell w/clamp SZ17 Blk $6.01
A31998CT-ND Conn pin 14-18awg tin cramp $.53 each (purchased 6-$3.18)
shipping $9.99

Hope this helps you out!

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can you post pictures of what you are talking about. i have a hyp 65 and I need to get it set up, but I don’t like the idea of splicing into the wires.

I bought the machine torch package and it came with the pendant switch.

I have no use for the pendant so i cut the cable and used the cpc connector already setup. It’s literally just two wires I snipped it and spliced it into the torch fire cable for the crossfire.

When I am home Friday I’ll take a picture of which pins it uses for the connector.

Does anybody have a write up or video of installing a cpc port in the machine? My 65 does not have one.

I’m working out of town for the next 10 days so can’t take any pics. Here are pics off of the Digi-Key website.

I may be speaking out of turn here, but the video referenced here is a person installing the Serial Port RS-485 kit (not the CPC Port Kit).

I think…and again…I could be wrong, the correct kit is the CPC Port Kit number 428653 for the Hypertherm 45XP.

I don’t think the Crossfire requires the Serial Port, but rather the CPC Port Kit is the one needed.

Please do correct me if I am mistaken.


Opps, you’re right. Old eyes and small phone screen…bad combo :joy:

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I’m contemplating- but the 2600.00 price tag to use it on a 900.00
Plasma table. Hmm🤔

I can tell you one thing for sure. The consumables last 2-3 times longer now in my 45xp than they did in my razor 45. At $15 a pair those add up fast.

And where did you pay $900 for the crossfire

I think it is…ive hard zero issues.We use hypertherms where i work and some of them are probably 10 years old or older…I don’t have to try to figure out cut speeds…Thats all been done by the hypertherm engineers…I just use the charts in the manual and don’t question it.You could take the charts in the manual and create a tool library that will cover everything you will cut.


CROSSFIRES WERE not 1495.00 during pre-order batch 1 and batch 2

I do plan on a 5X5 table in about a year so the HYPERTHERM IS Probably a good idea, just move it to the newer table and put the RAZORCUT45 back on the crossfire for smaller quick projects👍

If wasn’t $900 shipped with the water table either lol.

Anyway, i think the hypertherm is worth it and it will retain it’s value as well if you decide to get out of the game.

I love the new duramax lock connectors especially because i use my crossfire table as a hand cutting table as well. I just snap the hand torch in and I’m on my way

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For those looking to use the wiring from the remote trigger pendant, it’s pretty simple and all that is required is to connect the white and black wire to the torch wiring that came with the Langmuir package.

There are cheaper options but since this pendant came with my plasma it was easier to just make this work.

ANYBODY have a recommendation on a particular vendor they have had a good experience with to purchase one from?
I talked to Hyperthem directly (customer service) to get the model/ part number with the machine torch and the part number that comes with both the hand torch & machine torch. very nice and helpful customer service!
Something I am not use to in todays market place. seems you can purchase it directly from them for the same price as I see listed all over the net

Even if you purchase this from hypertherm directly authorized dealers in your area will help you with repairs if needed. But my thinking is buy local and keep your service man local.


Hypertherm sets their prices and doesn’t really allow vendors to deviate. So for the most part it’s pretty much same price everywhere.

I went with online because i saved $200 in NY state taxes…


B-day is coming next month, I smell HYPERTHERM!!

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