Hypertherm Powermax 45 xp recommended model?

Looking into getting a Hypertherm 45xp as my choice of cutter. Which model number is recommended for the table. So far we believe the model number 088116 would be the best to suite this table but are not 100% sure.

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I have a Hypertherm 45 xp and it’s on their list of compatible machines. If you buy a model without the CNC plug/interface on the back of the machine as I did you’ll have to tap in to the 2 trigger wires and run them to the controller on the table in order to fire the torch. I have read the instructions on the forum here somewhere and the mod looks like it’ll be pretty easy.


So, is the Hypertherm 45 XP with the CNC port and machine torch “plug and play” with the Crossfire table? …or will I still have to do some splicing to make it work?

Knowing that will help me decide which model to get.

I would like to be able to just swap the machine torch cable (leaving it attached to the table) from the 45XP and connect the hand torch for other cutting tasks that don’t require the table.

Order #1357

So I’ve got a 45xp with out the factory Cnc port and did the mod. It was a little weird according to the directions from Langmuir because in their instructions they only have 2 trigger wires while the 45xp actually has 3. On the handle it has a second on/off switch that is a safety switch. I traced the wires back and ended up tapping in right by the connector on the motherboard that leads to the torch connection. I tapped into the blue and purple wires and that worked out for me. I had to physically strip the wires with a razor blade in order for them to make contact unfortunately, but no biggie. I also installed a connector in the back of the machine in the cap for the Cnc port. That way I can unplug the cord from the 45xp and use it out on a job with out having an extra wire dangle from it. I hope that helps

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We purchased the Unit with the CNC Port should be plug and play i assume?

It is as long as you have the machine torch. You’ll need to attach the torch fire cable that comes with your CrossFire to the CPC connector that’s purchased from Hypertherm.

I believe the model with the CNC port is more expensive, not sure if it’s plug and play. I modified my unit today, and it took about an hour. I’m going to post some pictures in a minute, successfully I hope.42135697



Sorry these uploaded out of order, hopefully everyone gets the idea.

Awesome. Great mod. Thanks!

What is the name of plug you ran out the back port? Looks good

you will need the divided voltage wires into the CNC port with torch fire. 4 wires. You can buy from hypertherm or make up for about 10$ in parts. search forum and you will find parts list and wiring diagram. Much better than opening up unit and splicing wires internally. I have machine torch with CNC port and only use it on table. Have another older plasma cutter I use for hand work.