Hypertherm machine torch on an Everlast plasma cutter

I just hooked up this Hypertherm Duramax torch to my Everlast 52i plasma cutter. Plasmadyn is selling a few on eBay with aftermarket leads and connectors to fit machines that use a trafimet style central connector. I only made one small test cut to make sure it worked, so I can’t say for sure if there is any improvement in cut quality. I’ll be doing some testing this weekend and will report back.


Let me know how it works out. I really can’t see cutting up a $700 torch to put on a 52i but then again it may not be a real Hypertherm torch.

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It appears to be a real Hypertherm Duramax torch from the markings on the body, but who really knows for sure. My guess is that Hypertherm is phasing out the Duramax and sold a bunch of torch heads.

I did some testing today on 3/16 steel and found that I can run significantly higher speeds with the Hypertherm torch.

I did a lot of testing with the Tecmo torch before cutting holes in a friend’s wedding table. I found that 35 IPM at 45 amps worked best for the hole quality. I could cut faster, but that resulted in the best holes.

My testing with the Hypertherm torch resulted in a best quality cut at 70 IPM at 45 amps.

Both torches performed best with 60 psi air pressure while cutting. I tried pressures from 55 to 70 psi and 60 psi resulted in the best quality with the least dross.

The part on the left was cut with the Hypertherm torch at 70 IPM and the one in the right was cut with the Tecmo at 35 IPM.


here what I think…I am not an expert by any means…but putting a great torch on a mid range plasma may get some better results…but will not match the results of a Hypertherm complete setup.

I think of it as putting low profile top of the line rims and tires on a Chevy Sprint…sure they might make the car perform a bit better…but it is not the same as putting them on a BMW and getting the real ride…

it is still a cool idea

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The first time I cut with the Hypertherm torch, I was getting some weird taper that followed the rotation of the Torch. I suspected that the consumables on the Torch were not genuine Hypertherm parts, as the markings are not the same as the genuine parts that I bought and the cap doesn’t have any markings on it. I bought all genuine Hypertherm parts and replaced them all.

Today I cut some more 3/16" and 1/4" parts and the results were amazing. Very minimal taper and nice round holes at twice the speed of the Tecmo Torch.

It may be lipstick on a pig, but I’m very pleased with the results. These pictures are 1/4" parts straight from the table with no clean up. Front and backside pics of the holes.


wow…I just “might” look into this…hmmmmm…

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