Hypertherm consumables really worth it?

So I just spoke with Primeweld and got talked into their new more expensive torch that uses the hupertherm consumables.

They told me they last longer and have great cut quality. Issue is, after buying I didn’t realize how dam expensive consumables for these torches were.

Are they really worth that much more? $200 for a consumable kit vs the $40 for standard hand torch?

I’m kinda regretting buying this upgraded torch knowing nothing about it. Did I make a good purchase or is it over hyped on the consumables for the price?

i run a Hypertherm 65 with the Duramax torch. i use copper plus electrodes i usually change them around 1500 pierces with around 3 hours of arc time give or take…

with that said the better your air system the longer they will last. . there is also other variables the can affect how long they last

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The only torch that I would trust to use Hypertherm consumables in is a hypertherm torch.


What did you get in that $200 kit? 5 nozzles and 5 electrodes for my Duramax torch are about $80. When you see the difference in size between the electrodes, you will know why they last longer. You also won’t have to worry about the electrodes getting stuck in the torch and breaking or ruining the threads.


Here is the difference between my Everlast 60s consumables and Hypertherm PowerMAX consumables.


The only regret I ever had with Hypertherm is not buying one sooner.

Send it back if you have not used it yet.

I wonder how the SYNC comsumables how work with a adaptor on the Primeweld knock off torch if so it would solve the clearence issues with fitment??


GDE_811300MU_R1 (4).pdf (5.6 MB)


in this case SIZE does matter…hehehehe
I have envy going on here…

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Holy crap yea that’s a huge difference!

I will say you shouldn’t regret the upgrade.

Do you have a way to compare have you been cutting already?

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I’ve never had that exact situation but using a 45 amp new Hypertherm vs a Lincoln 45 amp (new) and there is a huge difference in cutting power, and when you look at the electrodes like shown above you can see why.

Which specific Hypertherm consumables does the new Primeweld/Tecmo torch use?

Reach out to mechanic416 here on the forum. He’s the Tecmo PTM-60 torch expert. He can sell you legit Tecmo consumables that will be cheaper than Hypertherm. I just ordered the Primeweld Cut60 today. Curious how you like yours?

Cut wise I love it.

But the CNC capability has been giving me issues with the THC. Other than that the machine has been awesome.

I could, I guess run the stock torch to the machine torch. But I’ll just have to go off memory.

I’ll just have to see how much longer the machine torch lasts at 60 amps than my hand torch did when I use it

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What issues are you having regarding THC?

You’ve had issues with the hand torch? I ordered a Tecmo PTM60 from mechanic 416. He’s a great resource for all things plasma. You might benefit from a conversation with him regarding your issues. He’s very helpful, even if you aren’t a customer.

My plasma machine keeps blowing the THC units by over volting the 1:50 side.

You should probably wire it to raw voltage, if the voltage divider is not working correctly.

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Thats what I was instructed to do via Langmuir

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