Hypertherm consumables on Razorcut x45 Torch

Sorry, everyone, i did search on the forum and not able to find a solid answer.

What i have is Razorcut x45 ( New X45 Torch)

  • I want to use Hypertherm consumables
    is this the one? HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 45 CONSUMABLES KIT PM45 (851478)

  • Do they have Fine cut 0.6mm (Hypertherm consumables) for X45 Torch
    is this it ? Hypertherm T30v Replacement Nozzle - unshielded - Pack of 5 - 220480 (people are saying use powermax30 consumables)

-Also which Shield for fine cut?

ok spoke with Hypertherm

This is the right one for X45 Torrch

If you want to do Fine cut (which is not that different then regular cut they are saying. So don’t do it but )
you can use powermax 30 consumables on 30AMP
Hypertherm T30v Replacement Nozzle - unshielded - Pack of 5 - 220480
Hypertherm T30v replacement retaining cap - unshielded - 220483

Are all the consumables interchangeable between Hypertherm powermax 45 and the x45?

nop powermax 45 and x45 different consumables not interchangeable

powermax 45XP consumables do not fit, but powermax 45 consumables DO fit.


Will powermax 65 consumables fit on the x45 as well? I don’t have the razor but plan on upgrading my torch on my everlast to an x45 style torch that apparantly is good to 70 amps

NO the 65 consumables will not work on the X45 torch. It is really not a X45 torch its a Tecmo PH70 hand torch or a UPM105 machine torch. They really don’t work well with Hypertherm consumables as its not a Hypertherm torch and Hypertherm consumables only work from 20 to 45 amps. There is a lot of misinformation online about all this started by people that really don’t know much about plasma cutters and company’s selling plasma cutters , torch’s and consumables to make you think your getting something your really not.


Funny, because the Razorweld 45 manual has cross reference #'s to the Hypertherm powermax 45 consumables right in it…

If that’s really what you want to use then have at it. Its your money and your choice. I only sell the ORIGINAL consumables made by the people that make the torch not what Razorweld may say will fit. There is no advantage to using Hypertherm consumables on a non-hypertherm torch even if they do somewhat fit. If you want buy the cheap Chinese Hypertherm copys they will work just as good as the real Hypertherm consumables at this point.

I’d love to see a comparison using micrometers because hypertherm parts cut great in my machine. Might be anecdotal but I think I’ve been getting longer life using hyp parts. Just about any weld shop in the country has powermax 45 parts.

I would really hope you would get better life out of original Hypertherm consumables then aftermarket one. I am just saying that the company that makes the torch does not say it uses Hyperthem consumables. Razorweld tell you it does, just like they tell you the other torch uses S45 consumables but its not a S45 torch.

I’m not arguing with that. But you say they don’t fit right in the x45 torch. My question is what exactly is different about it? Are there measurements that are different between the two? Or is it just that company A wants you to buy parts from company A so they get your money even though the parts from company B have the exact same measurements and have a known quality. I want to see measurements and see the difference and understand what measurements do what and why one is better than the other. To sway my opinion to not buy hypertherm parts for my RWx45 I need a lot more evidence since from my experience they work flawlessly and available at the weld shop I go to every other week.


This is what kills me - the shield there at the bottom (listed as the machine shield) doesn’t match what came on the torch (mine has the little lip https://store.langmuirsystems.com/collections/x45-torch-consumables/products/razorweld-x45-consumable-machine-shield?variant=29235218972714).

I’ve already pulled the trigger and ordered from Mechanic416, but calling my local Airgas, they have all the parts listed in the manual in stock.

I derped out last night trying to cut 3/16" for the first time and didn’t notice the bow in the steel until it was too late (hey! how about doing a test cut right? sigh). The shield and nozzle did their best, but alas, they’re fubar. The electrode looked ok, but meh, what’s another $30 (I ordered 5 nozzles, 5 electrodes, and one shield).

A new plasma cutter with parts stocked driving distance may be my next upgrade (I’m positive I’ll mess up again and don’t want to stock $300 in parts for a side gig - see: ToT’s W.I.F.E)…

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So are you selling the fine cut consumables