Hypertherm 85 Sync Problems

Having a puzzling problem. Have been running fine with my hypertherm 45 xp. Recently upgraded to hypertherm 85 sync and now program begins but within 2 seconds fire control becomes unresponsive and XR won’t move (just stuck). All I did was upgrade machine and now having problems. Dont know what’s causing it. don’t want to deal with the hassle of reconnecting my 45xp. any ideas ?

That sounds like EMI (electrical magnetic interference) issues, possibly. No other changes like a different cord alignment (torch cord or work lead" coming closer to the computer? I realize the XR has a different set-up with the computer/touch screen.

I would look at all the cords and move them around: spread them out, not coiled up, and not aligned with either the power cord or any computer connection cable. See if that makes a difference.


Your cord arrangement was spot on. I had the torch cable and ground clamp going over the usb cable. Once I rearranged cables it began working like magic. Thank you for the solution. Def owe you a few beer round haha.


Glad it worked out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Back at ya… We are all in this together. :beers:

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