Hypertherm 85 for the Pro Table

So I am going to upgrade my plasma cutter from the RW to the Hpertherm 85.

I don’t want to fool around with splicing wires. So which machine (and accessories) do I need so I can plug and play it with the Crossfire Pro?

I was on Bakers site and there are a lot of different options there and I am confused as to the differences. I know I want a machine torch and CPC port but other than that I don’t know much.

Thanks in advance.

B. House

Langmuirs cable for Hypertherms will work and will be just plug and play. You want a machine with a CPC port and the machine torch.

I will say with the 85 you may not be able to run it full power because of how shallow our water tables are.

Unless you’re cutting 1/4 inch and up all day long the 45xp will serve you well. Even then, it does 1/4 no problem, and I’ve cut 1/2 as well. If that was all I cut though I’d want a bigger machine to just be able to do it faster.


I appreciate the response. I am primarily cutting .375 and up. I have a large project coming up where I need to cut some 1 inch so the 85 seems to make sense. I very rarely cut less than .25.

Now that said, if I cut some .5 and up, would that affect the water table below running at full power? Or maybe I shore up the bottom with some .25?

Yeah, you would need a sacrificial piece of steel on the bottom of the pan. Someone else may chime in with more info.

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I just wanted to add that when ordering the cable you need to get the machine torch holder if you haven’t already. The holder that comes with LS’s table is for the hand held torch.

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Thank you, good to know.

I use a 85 with my original crossfire table. When i want to cut material on the thinner side, i just change to the 45 amp consumables in the torch and set the plasma cutter to 45 amps. Then when i write the G code for it, i use the 45 amp table in the Hypertherm manual to get my feed rate. I haven’t come close to melting my water table by doing this and you can probably do the same thing with the 65 amp consumables if you feel that would work better for what your cutting