Hypertherm 65 torch wiring

Hi all! I have my table assembled and I’m ready to get the plasma cutter wired for torch control with the Langmuir system. I have the plasma cutter setup already, I’ve been using it for a few years now. It does not have the CNC plug on the back, it has a serial plug coming out the bottom. I bought it from a guy that had it running in his homemade CNC table.

I’m assuming I need to open the case and wire in the included Langmuir plug. Has anyone done this yet or have links to a how to? I will continue searching for other articles but figured this was the best place to ask.


For anyone looking at this, the wiring is the same as a Powermax 45, shown in other threads on here. It is the orange and purple wires from the torch wiring inside the machine. Be very careful when wiring this and make sure to keep the power off while you work it.

I have the Powermax 65 with regular toch : this was blue and purple on mine !!! I used the supplied wiring and took 15 minutes to make it work.


I need to double check just for my peace of mind, I have the Hypertherm 65. Is the blue and purple a safe bet? I tested the pins and 4 pins are showing continuity when the trigger is depressed and 2 pins showing continuity when released. Any help is appreciated.