Hypertherm 65 sync wont fire

I have a XR and am all done with assembly. Went to do a test fire last night and I cannot get the torch to fire. The switch on the torch itself is on and I can here the click at the electronics box. I used the plug n play cable from Langmuir for the cpc port. Is that cable bad or could it be a mistake in setup somewhere? Thank you for any help.

The cpc cable only work if using a machine torch
If understand you have a hand torch.

Maybe I miss read. Do you have a hand torch?

Is consumables tight?

Any code on plasma?

Air hooked up?

Using a machine torch. Cutter is reading the consumable that I have in it so I assume it’s out in right. Air is hooked up and has plenty of pressure.

And there is no code on the plasma.

Hmmm. You could check cable with a meter.

Cable seated good in plasma and control box?

Pretty sure it is pin 3 and 4. Diagram is on the website.

Could also be a bad relay.

You can use a jumper wire on the back of plasma to make sure it will fire .

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I unplugged and plugged the cables back in a couple times to make sure it was seated good. I haven’t checked them with a meter yet. Might have to do that later today.

Pin 3 and 4 on plasma use a jumper wire to see if plasma will fire.

If so I would check cable if it’s good. Contact langmuir may be a bad relay.

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I saw on another post where Cameron said to us a paperclip to test the torch. So I’ll do that and then check the cable.

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Jump it on the cable that will test both.

You can use meter to check control box also.

Okay so just use the paperclip to hit both holes on the torch on/off cable that runs to the electronics box?

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On the plasma or the end of the cable

Any luck?

Good news, bad news.

Tor manually fires. So thats good news. I’ve got continuity at the electronics box. So I’m guessing the cpc port cable is bad because I don’t have continuity at the other end that plugs into the cutter. Been in contact with Cameron about it.

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Hopefully a easy fix. Let us know how it turns out.