Hypertherm 65 cut height

I had a first batch 2x2 and finally decided to upgrade to the xr with a hypertherm 65. I ran a hypertherm 45xp on the 2x2.

While waiting for shipment i was going through the 65 manual and noticed the recommended cut height is .125 on mild steel? Seems extremely high compared to the 45 which i ran at .0575.

Anyone running the 65 sync? What cut heights are you running ?

@Jpointer311 welcome to the forum

I run sync consumables with the adaptor on the hypertherm 85.

that is correct. you will also find that the cut and pierce height will be the same in some of the charts.

ESAB and Thermal dynamics plasma cutters run similar cut heights to the SYNC.

I have a lot of faith in Hypertherm’s cut charts.

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Thank you!

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