Hypertherm 65 Consumables

What are you buying for Crossfire Pro w/ THC (using a mini machine torch)? Been through the torch setup manual for the 65 and I’m confused on which Shield, Retaining Cap, & Nozzles that I need to be ordered. Also, what about the 45A fine cut consumables?


All the part numbers and diagrams were with my owners manual for my 45xp. Do you not have the duramax torch?

The machines normally come with a laminated card that shows the consumables part numbers but if not they’re on hypertherms website. The machine torch and the mini machine torch is the same besides the length of the barrel.
You can get fine cut consumables for that machine but there rated for 30-45 amps so just have to watch the amps or they blow out pretty quick.
Follow this link and it will show you all the part numbers.
Duramax torches and consumables (hypertherm.com)