Hypertherm 45xp W/ CPC Port Wiring?

I ordered a Hypertherm 45xp with the cpc port. Was wondering if anyone has wired this specific machine before and if its any different then the example give in the user guide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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are you using a hand torch or machine tourch

We are using the hand torch

I explained it pretty in depth here :+1:


Great information so far! couple of questions I came upon when doing this.

Did you mean the #6 pin is removed and put into the #8 spot. The picture you have posted looks to be that way instead of what you said (8 pin removed and put into 6 port)

How did you go about wiring the rest of the torch? Could you post how you took the cabinet apart, wired the inside in detail and what was used for you to do this?

Thanks in a advance as you have helped us understand this better then anything we found yet.
Kudos to you @ntkfabworks will be following you as we learn.

Edited my post** (It was a long day) But yes, #6 moves to the #8 port.

“Wiring my torch”, is a zip tie on the trigger. I see no point in taking the torch apart and messing with the wiring at the trigger, when it’s just a contactor, just keep it depressed. I also used the cpc port on my machine, as I think it’s foolish to splice into the wiring inside the machine(to each his own).

I thought I explained it pretty thoroughly in my post… :shouldershrug:

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I followed his instructions to a “T” and it works AWESOME! I was soo damn happy when that torch fired with the CPC connection. The pin removal tool is kinda shitty. I actually broke it on the 1st (and thankfully only) pin removal. The tube pulled out from the handle. had to mix up some JB to get it ready for next time. I’m tempted to put a pin back into the #6 hole and put a switch into the plastic housing for the torch plug so I can readily switch it between being a machine torch and a hand torch. Just in case hahaha.


haha that’s funny, my tool popped apart the first time I used it too. At first it kind of pissed me off, then I said to myself, “You bought the $10 one, not the $30 one, get what you pay for”…

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Great post ntkfabworks, I am going through your directions as we speak. Just one question though, will moving the pin disable the torch for all manual cutting? How did you find out about pin 8 (I saw no schematics about this plug in the manual)?

Found it in a thread on Plasmaspider, guy had a schematic of the connector. And yes, it will disable the torch from being used for hand cutting. By moving that pin, it fools the machine into thinking a machine torch is connected(therefore not requiring the voltage signal from the trigger safety), which means the machine will only fire when it gets that signal via the CPC port.

If you wanted to use your torch for manual cutting, you’ll have to pop the connector apart and move the pin back. And cut the zip tie off your trigger.

If you’ll be switching back and forth between hand/machine cutting a lot and/or value your time, spend the money and buy another torch whip that stays married to the table. Not really cheap, but it’s super nice being able to quickly plug/unplug the torch and CPC cable.


Thanks ntkfabworks, it makes more sense now. I do like bricklef’s idea of an external switch. I might try that a bit down the road though, gotta get this thing firing first.

Hey ntkfabworks, just got the XP cutting last night. Your info were right on the money. Thanks again.

I ordered the CPC plugs from your links, but since I had the pins already I couldn’t wait for it to come in before I tried it out.


Awesome! Happy to help! Some zip ties and electrical tape, no one will ever know!

Ha ha! Thanks. Got the CPC plug now, the emergency is over.

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Hey guys. so I have a hypertherm 45xp with cpc port. I also ordered the cpc plug, which comes with the wiring harness and (6) spade plugs. I located which spade plugs were for pins 3 & 4 (its a green one and a black one). I was wondering is there any need for the other 4 plugs? Do the spade plugs for pin 3 and 4 just plug into the 2 ports for the on/off torch cable randomly?

Im confused. What is the point of the zip tie on the trigger if you are moving the 6 to 8 terminal.

I am trying to figure out a way to do this so I can use my torch for both cnc and also by hand.

Great write up on converting the hand torch. I have the machine torch and the Hypertherm CPC Plug 228350 on the way. From what i can tell, i need to splice the green and black wire from the Hypertherm CPC plug, to the 2 wires that plug into the Crossfire CNC box, and its just completing the circuit to fire the torch, so it doesn’t matter.
My question is will I need to change anything on the machine torch end?

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dear Meatballs when using pins 3 & 4 did you also zip tie your torch trigger closed?
I have ordered the plug & pins to hook up exactly as you have and the trigger tie is not shown with your pictures

Yes, the trigger has to remain depressed using a zip-tie, unless one has the machine torch. There’s a note in my schematics by pin 7 & 8 to indicate that. Good luck.

Thank you very much, so you have also done the switch pin # 6 to Pin # 8 plug position as ntfabworks shows on the torch plug in front of machine?

If yes then I think I got it all figured and yes as your wiring diagram shows.

Thanks also for fast reply!