Hypertherm 45xp vs Razorweld 45 w/X45 Torch

Hi guys,

For an occasional user (maybe a few hours a week) would you say its still worth it to go with the hypertherm 45xp over the razorweld?

of course the hypertherm is a lot better, but for someone that’s only going to use it a couple times a week ( or less) and also never remove it from the cnc table is it really worth the extra cash? the razorweld is basically 1/3 the cost of the hypertherm. also with the hypertherm you need additional parts like the connector Langmuir sells for 75$ , and also you need the hypertherm machine torch as the supplied handheld torch will not not work for CNC as Ive been told? the hypertherm kit with cnc torch is even more expensive ( big $$$) .

so for my purpose what would you say? also would the hypertherm cut quality be worlds better? or just marginal? noticeable?

thanks for any help.

If you can afford the hypertherm its worth it. In my opinion its one less piece of equipment that you will have to deal with issues with.
You can use the hand torch you don’t need the machine torch.
So if you didn’t get the cnc port machine with just a hand torch that would drop the cost of the hypertherm as well.
What thickness of material are you planning on cutting? If its 1/4" in under a 30xp does that easily with no issues which would be even cheaper.

Thanks. yes 99% of the time under 1/4" - But wouldn’t I have to splice into internal wires with the 30xp? which would void the hypertherm warranty?

Yeah you would have to splice into the trigger wires either inside or in the torch.
I have a 30xp two 45xp’s and a 65 and the 30xp being 6 years old and the 45’s being 4 and 5 years old and the 65 under a year and I’ve never had them in for warranty work.
That being said anything can happen that’s just my experience with them and technically I’m sure they could void warranty for it if they wanted.
Probably be better off to buy it from a local hypertherm dealer if there is one in your area rather then online just in case something did happen they would take better care of you plus all welding shops will price match online prices.
Also I’m sure there would be a way to wire it in that would be removable and not really noticeable but I’m not sure I’d have to pull the cover off again and take a look that was a long time ago.

The Hypertherm is undoubtedly a better machine in all aspects. But, to add my 2 cents. I use the razor weld 45 with the machine torch from mechanic and I have had zero issues for almost the year that I have had the table, I use it every day in a commercial environment. Never skipped a beat and I’ve cut 1/2” steel all day long, 3/8” aluminum, 1/8” stainless and various thinner gauge steels with no issues.

I may be a rare case but as most things you only really hear the horror stories, I’m sure there is thousands of happy owners out there.

The only reason I would move away from the razor weld is to get a machine with more power. At that point it would probably be a hypertherm, only so I can cut 1/2” faster and thicker.

If you do decide to get the razor weld, budget in the machine torch. It’s a must In my opinion, cheaper consumable and more choice, down to 20amp for a finer cut.


@Craig1 can you provide a link to the machine torch that you use with the razorweld 45? im having trouble finding one.

Its a forum member that supply’s the machine torch. His name is George, Goes by the forum name Mechanic416. Reach out to him and he will set you up with a Torch, Consumables and advice.

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