Hypertherm 45xp problems - SOLVED - DONT HOLD THE TORCH IN THE AIR

Hello- I just brought used 45xp and the torch fires for about 5 second then flame goes out but the postprocess air is on for about 20 seconds like it should. dry air ,pressure is 100psi from compressor ,the air trap on plasma back is clean, new torch consumables. no warning lights on front panel. I didn’t see any info in the manual. thanks

Where is the work clamp?

i was just holding the torch in free air testing it out its a hand torch thanks

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well…that explains why it only fires for 5 seconds…
the blow-back start is what you are seeing…
try clamping the work piece and then cutting by hand…I bet the flam will stay on as long as you are cutting…if you pull away the flame stops…needs to complete the full circuit in order to cut.


thanks for the info I didn’t think about the ground to complete the circuit

Holy effing crap. This is what we have come to.


Hello- I guess this forum is for the experts only as I was just asking a question about the hypertherm cutter as my other cutter when you hold the torch in free air and press the trigger the arc starts and stays on till you release the trigger . I wish I was born with all your knowledge thanks for your info

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thanks for the info I was just trying out the cutter before I setup on the table as my other cutter the arc stays on till you release the trigger

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do not take offence…just a little fun we all get to have and get teased a bit…it is just a way to break the ice…

the difference I believe between your 2 torches…the other cutter is most likely a High Frequency starting system…the kind of system not compatible with most tables…

the newer system is blowback…more common and safer on electronics

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hello- no offense I was just seeing if the machine was damaged before I set it up and order thr torch consumables my other cutter is a simadre 60sp for thicker metals and I saw this 45xp used and I see a lot of other people say this is a very great cutter and I want to be able to cut thinner metals thanks for the info I didn’t mean to be rude with my words just asking a simple question thanks again

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It is. And you can get different sized consumables to be able to do fine work with - intricate cuts and thin material. Setup properly the consumables should last a lot longer than just about any other torch’s consumables which makes up for their cost.

Definitely not just for experts. Sorry for coming off frustrated. I’m working a grave rotation and I lose a bit of my filter in the middle of the night.

We are all really eager to help, just gets old troubleshooting stuff without all the information, and having the torch in the air seemed like a big piece of helpful information to have.

You’ll love your Hypertherm. Run it on the table actually cutting something to be sure before you buy your consumables. I like Baker gas, seem to have the lowest prices. I’ve bought the bulk boxes from them and am very happy.


Hello- just tested the 45xp on some metal and all seems to be working ok thanks for all the advice now to fine tune it in on my table again thanks

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I had the same problem my friend. I made several calls to support. all the usual questions… air supply, ground, voltage, etc.
Finally the guy says, “what’s your torch?” " Ohhhh, the new model has to be touching the work surface".
That set me off and running…

Hello- Thanks for the info I have the duramax hand torch still learning this equipment