Hypertherm 45xp or Razorweld 45 w/X45 Torch

Hi guys,

For an occasional user (maybe a few hours a week) would you say its still worth it to go with the hypertherm 45xp over the razorweld?

of course the hypertherm is a lot better, but for someone that’s only going to use it a couple times a week ( or less) and also never remove it from the cnc table is it really worth the extra cash? the razorweld is basically 1/3 the cost of the hypertherm. also with the hypertherm you need additional parts like the connector Langmuir sells for 75$ , and also you need the hypertherm machine torch as the supplied handheld torch will not not work for CNC as Ive been told? the hypertherm kit with cnc torch is even more expensive ( big $$$) .

so for my purpose what would you say? also would the hypertherm cut quality be worlds better? or just marginal? noticeable?

lots of happy razorweld users out there?

thanks for any help.

I’ve only owned Hypertherm, so I cannot answer to the Razorweld vs HT. However, you can get the HT45XP with the machine torch without purchasing separately (link below).

FYI I use the HT30XP w/ hand torch (I don’t cut thicker than 3/8" stuff, and my usage is about the same as yours).


I would totally go with the Hypertherm, I had the og table when they first launched and got the vipercut 30, and it did work… up until it didn’t… I was having intermittent firing issues after couple of months and having to replace consumables pretty much every sign i was making( machine/torch lasted about 13 months). I gave in and purchased the 45xp with the 2 hand torchs(15&90 yes it is do able and I have the 15 permanently on the table, just have to move 1 wire on the plug around which you can get the tool off amazon(link is somewhere on this forum) which will save you couple hundred dollars and make your own plug if your comfortable with that) and was done with the razorweld. Cut quality on 14GA steel was decent with the vipercut, but i can say the cut quality with the 45xp is great. This is one of those buy once, cry once tools haha.