Hypertherm 45XP No Fire

Well I took the dive and got the Langmuir Cross Fire system, though I’ve ran into problem after problem. Now I’m stuck on my torch not firing and what’s the correct wiring.
I’ve torn my Hypertherm apart probably about a thousand times now. I did the “check for continuity” across pins. I’m getting continuity across pins 1,2 and 5,6.
The 1 & 2 wires I’m not worried about, the 5&6 wires I am struggling with. I’ve read on here to hook the 45xp up to the violet and orange… we’ll my 5&6 are blue and violet.
I’ve hooked up the orange and violet and also the blue and violet with the same problem of the torch not firing.

I have to hit the torch on/off button before it’ll even fire.
I did the paper clip trick to see if the connections are correct and with either combination the torch fires up. But when I have all the settings set up correctly I’m still not getting the torch to fire, only when I hit the “torch on/off” button.
And when I do the torch stays on and “scribs” the work piece. Making it useless. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do next. Any help?? I

it’s been a couple of hours and nobodies replied but on my plasma cutter there is a switch for 2T and 4T torch operation. in one of those settings the torch operates as click on/click off rather than hold for on and release off.

I hope this helps

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Where is this setting at on the Hypertherm 45XP? This is the only items I have. My cutter does not have the ports on the back.

Can’t really help you there, if there is one. There are lots of hypertherm experts on the forum. I only pointed it out because I read that as a possible source of the symptoms you’re describing. Hopefully someone comes along.

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I’m not sure the 45XP has a setting for 2T and 4T. But it does have a gauging mode. If you hit the mode button it can go into gauging mode which will not cut throw the metal but will leave a nice score in it.

To close the loop, OP was using a sheetcam post that does not support M3/M5 torch on and off. I’m guessing it was a milling post where the spindle stays on until the end of the program. The correct post would be the Mach3 Plasma post in sheetcam.

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Yep, well a generic Mach3 that doesn’t have anything setup in its processor code, but after setting up the correct post processor to Mach3 plasma it works great like it should now.

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