Hypertherm 45xp FineCut Consumable Kit?

I’m wondering if anyone has had luck finding a FineCut consumable “kit” for the 45XP? I’ve found the “Essential” kit (851511), but nothing that includes FineCut products in it. Seems that they only sell the FineCut consumables individually.

Typically I order fine cuts by the five pack of nozzles and five pack of electrodes.


Also make sure you buy a single row swirl ring for those fine cut consumables.

The first revision of the 45 XP operators manual incorrectly shows the use of a dual row for the fine cuts.
Any new revision of the manual will show a single row.


Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know that. I’ll pick up those 5-packs too

I order them in bulk from BakersGas.com

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I’ll look into that as well