Hypertherm 45xp fine cut charts

Looking for a cut chart for thicker material using hypertherm 45xp and fine cut consumables. Tried some .2" steel last night and got a lot of splatter on the nozzle.

I’ve had good luck with the table in the Hypertherm manual. Sometimes need a little tweaking to speed.

The chart for the fine cut consumables does not show thicker material?

I think because they’re not recommended for use on the thick stuff. @jimcolt would know for sure since he worked there for 40 years.

The maximum recommended thickness for Finecut consumables is 10 gauge (about 1/8") per Hypertherm process engineers and the cut charts in the operators manuals. Yes they can cut thicker , however expect short life, because of the short life Hypertherm does not recommend thicker than the chart suggests. I sqitch to the 45 amp shielded cut charts for materials thicker than 10 gauge and the cut quality is excellent, consumable life is long. Jim Colt


Can I just say, every time I read a post about a hypertherm product I pray that @jimcolt reply’s. I always feel better off reading what Jim has to say !! Amazing stuff Jim.