Hypertherm 45xp cut chart

Anyone have a complete tool listing for the Hypertherm 45xp for Sheetcam?

For some reason mine is now missing. Of all things I’ve backed up, this wasn’t one of them.




Page 130

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Thanks brother. I have the manual, both electronically and the one that came with the machine.

What I must’ve deleted or misplaced is the electronic file with all the tools entered into sheetcam.

I can get you a copy of mine but I haven’t updated it with THC info (or more precisely whatever THC info in there may be wrong - I may have defaulted it when I defined them all).

I created SAE (inch) versions for steel, stainless & aluminum from 22ga to maybe 3/8" (I think). There are about 35 of them in my tool list if I recall.

That’d be great Jim. I just created a new tool set and did the steel ones for fine cut and 45amp. But if you have one that has aluminum and stainless that would be great. It takes me a very long time to type. Lol

I don’t need THC stuff. I don’t have one.

Thanks friend.

Here’s mine. Looks like I added the THC while I was defining them just in case (they’re ignored without THC when using the no-THC post-proc version). But it’s setup for Mach 3 & the weird thing with seconds vs ms. So it looks sketchy for the pierce delays. They work with my modified Sheetcam post-proc (I posted it a few months ago when we were fixing the post-processors to account for the Mach 3 bug we found). If you’re using the standard post-processor, you’ll want to adjust the pierce delays so they output correctly.

At any rate, remove the .DXF and it’ll be the proper tool file to be imported into Sheetcam. There’s also a RW45 one in there at the end I created for a test I was running to help someone with the RazorWeld.

Hypertherm45 031820.tools.dxf (9.9 KB)

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Hey thanks Jim. I will get these compared to the ones I did - but this sure does beat me typing the rest of them in. It takes me forever to type stuff.


I think if your mouse is on a tool you can right click & copy so it creates another copy for you that you can then rename and change just the (usually) couple of settings you want to change. These were for the normal consumables so another set for fine cut could be useful.

You can save toolsets in groups. So this is my normal default one but I’ll be creating a new set for the Pro with THC. If I get to it I’ll do another set for the fine cuts. I’d likely keep them separate and just load the fine cut version when I’m going to use those on a project. Really don’t need to have 60 of them defined & in the tool stack all the time :slightly_smiling_face: I had thought of creating different sets by material but the full set I defined so far isn’t too awkward to keep on the screen.

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Yeah that’s my plan as well.

That’s how I did most of them yesterday. I didn’t mean to type such a short response earlier but my wife walked in and distracted me.

My computer opens this file as a Word Document. It wont let me change the format. I cant remove DXF.

I use all Apple devices but you can do a search for how to change the extension on a windows computer. My windows version that I alternate boot to is windows 10.

See if this link will help…

Sometimes there are restrictions that you will have to go in and change to be able to change the file extensions.

Hope this helps.


If you’re on Windows, right-click the file and select “Rename”…use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the . by .dxf and click the delete button 4 times. Press enter.


James, I have noticed in sheetcam if the plungrate is set to zero the pierce delay no matter what I enter is way too fast. For some reason I have to double check my settings even at default cause sometimes they won’t be in the default tool file. Once I set the plunge rate and the cut height (just incase) the pierce delay works. I don’t have have THC. Sorry not pertaining exactly to this post, but you mentioned the glitch in mach3 but maybe this might help someone too.

Good find. I setup my Sheetcam tools with the Hypertherm recommended settings including the pierce height & plunge rate so I wouldn’t have to remember to go back & do it (but then forgot I did that so I checked anyway this weekend :slightly_smiling_face: ). So all my tools had 0.15" for pierce height and 60ipm for plunge rate. Figured Mach & the XL would just ignore those since there wasn’t a THC component.

So I missed what you found. Not sure I’d have found the problem you found though. Likely still be smacking my head against the wall. :grin:

yah for some reason I have 3 toolsets right now in sheetcam. Prolly cause I cut 3/16, 1/4 and 1/8 typically. For some reason the diff in my toolset settings differed for the T1 and T2 tool I use for thicker metals. I’d do a program and cut it and notice no pierce delay, really sucked on 1/4. I couldn’t figure it out, so when I looked at other settings on my other tool set, I noticed all the parameters seemed to have numbers filled in. So once I started double checking that and fixing it, pierce delay would work. I guess I need to go into my actual toolsets and fix it, not just “edit” them on the fly like you can do in sheetcam.

The warning when you close Sheetcam asking if you want to save the default toolset is my flag for remembering to decide if I want to make the change a permanent part of my toolsets or if I was just doing a one-off test.

ah ok good to know on that, thanks.

Just to note, the change is kept in the .JOB file even if you don’t save it to the default toolset. This is handy if you want to continue to tweak the job.


Hi James,
I copied your tools file and I was comparing it with my Hypertherm 45 manual to see if they looked like the manual. Did you create your list from the manual? I’m the ‘wife’ trying to help husband get computer setup. I use SheetCam into Firecontrol software. Also, on your pierce delays did you add the extra 1/2 sec for THC? If not, I will go into your tool set and update that area.

Thank you,