Hypertherm 45xp cut chart?

First form post ever…

I have recently built my crossfire pro and I’m moving into settings up my cutter in fusion 360. While looking at the cut rates provided in my machine onwers manual…rates seem high compared to what I’ve seen on video’s. Any input is appreciated

The Hypertherm rates are higher than you’ll see with other manufacturer’s because the HT is a more capable machine. That’s part of why you pay more for them.

Use the Hypertherm manual charts as your starting point. They’re pretty good.


You’re hypertherm should keep up with its cutting charts the only limiting factor will be the 300 in per minute speed limit of your Langmuir.
At this point you’ll have to start dialing down your amperage and you’ll be making up your own charts.

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Okay I’m new to this so was a bit skeptical when I heard others running 60 and 40 on different videos while hypertherm was calling for 249 lol thank you sir I sure do appreciate it!

You & me both :slightly_smiling_face: I started with a RW45 and was hesitant to believe the Hypertherm was that much better when I got the HT. Between the torch and the consumables it’s just better & faster at cutting.

I’ve played with it a bit more since our last talk and man is this thing slick! No issues other than operator caused. Thanks for all the help.