Hypertherm 45xp CPC port

I apologize, I’m sure its been asked and I did a search … but theres so many posts about it, it has become confusing.

I bought the hypertherm 45xp. Second hand but mint condition. It doesnt have the CPC port on it. During my research I see there are two ports I can add… do I need both? One of them round looks like the port to plug in the torch and another one looks a computer plug of somem sort. I dont have a machine torch… but I suppose i could order one if thats easier.

do I just need to install the cpc (round) and get the adapter from the langmuir site?

thanks in advance

and again I apologize before someone yells at me to use the search button.

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Welcome to the forums.

Try this topic to start and don’t hesitate to ask any follow-up questions.


Thank you

I have ordered the plug for the hypertherm from Langmuir and the cpc kit from a local welding
supplies store

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