Hypertherm 45xp breaker question

I purchased a Hypertherm 45xp and in my shed I have been sub panel installed. Why size breaker do I need for the 45xp? Do I just by one 45amp breaker and install that in my sub panel and then run my wire with the correct plug?

50 amp breaker.


Ok and would I need a double pole or single pole?

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double pole.

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40amp or 50 amp two pole will cover it. Machine has rating depending on the voltage you have of 30 -35 amps.
Assuming you have 240 v 40 amp will be fine.
I’d go with a 50 amp though.

Ok…did you mean assuming I had 220v wired in the sub panel? I have two 60 Amp breakers that feed my sub panel.

The more voltage your service has the less amps needed to support your plasma. Most residential service is 240v. 120v per leg, a 50 amp will be perfect. Just make sure you get a 50 amp receptacle and plug to wire in.
Since you won’t be running a neutral wire you will need the 3 prong style.
If you have visions of a tig welder or other things that that recep will be using run a neutral wire to a 4 prong plug.

Ok thank you

I assume that your shop is not 1/4 mile away from the house. The longer the service run to the sub panel the more voltage drop you will have under a load. Your machine will work at lower voltage but it will increase the amp load on the service panel.
This sounds like voodoo but a 50 amp will be fine.
Text me if you need help.

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Will do. Thank you and no sir it is not 1/4mile away

Sounds like this is the I will be out here doing everything shed! If you have 60 amps available. Why not bring 4 wires out and have the sub panel have both 120 and 240 available for everything else that will be going on in the do everything shed?

I do, I have some 110 outlets already as well

50 amp double pole

That’s what I run using on my Lincoln stick welder & Miller Spectrum 875 Plasma on and I have no issues.

Waking up this sleeping thread to ask a question. The Hypertherm manual states we should have a disconnect for this. Do any of you have a disconnect or just a plug that you run the unit off of? Basically a disconnect would eliminate the need for a receptacle since it is built in and give easy access to shut off power instead of having to run to the electrical panel. Also since we have water in our tables should we have a GFI breaker?

A breaker will serve as a Disconnect.

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DEFINITELY NOT! The GFCI breaker will trip every time the torch is fired.