Hypertherm 45XP 3/4" plate

I haven’t seen much videos of the 45XP cutting thick plate. So I had to cut some 3/4" plate for a hydraulic cylinder mount today and decided to shoot a quick video. I’m cutting at 7 IPM at 45A with .060 stand off, I’m very pleased with the cut quality.


Very nice cut on 3/4" plate, hypertherm is an awesome machine.

Looks great! What consumables were you using for that thick cut?

I was using the standard 45A Hypertherm consumables. Since making that video I’ve also cut 1" plate with good results with my 45XP


So on 3/4" it’s “edge start” recommended. It does look like you did edge start. How did you go about setting that up? Did you make a lead-in line that starts from slightly beyond the edge of the part?

I would also like to know your setup, as I have a job that requires me to cut 3/4” plate.

I just make a longer lead in’s of approximately .75" and off set the part so the torch will fire on the edge of the material. If i need to cut a inside offset ill use the torch to mark the Peirce location by either letting the arc mark the location or ill just trace around the torch nozzle with a silver welders pencil and mag drill a hole so you edge start from a inside offset.

Has anyone preheated with oxy/acetylene for pierceing. Still waiting on my table so not able to try.

cut looks great!
I just got a 45xp today. Can’t wait to try it out.