Hypertherm 45 XP THC operation

We have the Pro table with THC. We purchased the wire harness form Langmuir for the Hypertherm 45 to go with our table. Wondering why the THC doesn’t change height while in motion. We want to be sure our wiring is correct. The Langmuir harness has two cords coming out of it and we’re only using one. We have the factory dim plug in our machine. If anyone has pictures of where we might be going wrong please send.

The THC works in the beginning but not during the cut.

The longer cable of the harness is the torch on/off which plugs into the main control box. The shorter cable plugs into the DIV input on the VIM module.

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It only actively uses the THC when an arc is present to be measured.

Is it the THC? or is it the IHS initial movement?

What length of Pierce delay are you running?

What is your live voltage doing while cutting?

Your cat will love to play with that thing! :rofl: