Hypertherm 45 (hand torch with cpc cable?)

Hello, I have Powermax 45 with CPC port which has been serving my Crossfire for well over a year. I have been using it with a machine torch and CPC cable with no issues. However, I have now dedicated my machine torch to a much larger plasma table and now want to use the 45’s original hand torch on the Crossfire. Can I just plug in the hand torch with the existing CPC cable also connected and just start cutting, or is it more complicated than that due to the hand torche’s switch control? Thanks

You need to move something in the torch cable. Move one pin over or something. Trying to find a link.

Thanks, I found the posting you were describing. It was by NTKFabworks Sept. 2018. He says I need to move the No. 6 pin over to the empty No.8 slot position in the machine end of the torch cable. I just need to figure out how to remove and install the pin.