Hypertherm 30xp Settings

Seems like there are a large amount of people using the Hypertherm 30xp would anyone like to share what they have put in fusion for their torch dimensions? Also, feel free to use this post as any good information regarding the 30xp dimensions.

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I’m using the PM 30Air, not the 30XP, but to figure out cut width I just made some test cuts at different speeds, then used a set of calipers to physically measure the cut width. Hope this helps.

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Anyone have good feedrate and amperage settings? I’ll be cutting a lot of .125" & .188" steel with a 120V @20amp input. The manual is confusing

I too am looking for these settings.

Did you come up with the settings for the tool library for the Hypertherm 30?

I am also looking for these tool settings. Does anybody have these settings yet?

I believe most people on here use the Hypertherm manual for settings

The cut charts are in the manuals.


If you’re using the standard consumables are going to have to sand off the drag shield.

The 30 XP is a great unit it is for hand cutting so you’re going to have really reduced duty cycles and it is typically for thin material cutting or a slightly thicker material severing. do not expect high production.

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