HyperTherm 30 setup for THC?

I’m currently using a CrossFire with the XL kit and water tray. I’ve added a Z control with inductive sensors, limit switches, and am cutting with a HyperTherm Powermax 30 (NOT an XP) and the manual torch. It has no CPC control, but I’ve got a Robot THC3T-02 wired up with the Robot 50:1 divider and see what I think are voltages within expected range. The probing and retract works flawlessly, and every new hole is measured before cutting. The problem is that I have tried everything I can think of but cannot get values into the THC controller that automatically control a set distance. I either have values that don’t change the Z, or it will invariably rise or fall until out of bounds or crashing. So until I can afford an HP45XP my ability to cut warped sheets is maybe just a dream.

So my question is has anyone out there gotten a HyperTherm 30 to work with THC, and what settings did you start with (Height, Area, Sensitivity and Arc-Voltage)?

Special thanks go out to Tool Junkie and Dicky for inspiring me to mod my table!

Sent you a PM to help…

I too have a 30. Do you mind sharing the settings? Has anyone shared a list of different gauge sheets and IPM’s that they run?

Ernesto, I was sent a chart from Jim Colt on this forum and have uploaded it. Hopefully it will help you. I upgraded to a Hypertherm Powermax 45XP basically because i was never satisfied with how the Powermax 30 worked with my THC, and not only does it work more reliably, it’s soooo much faster and cuts thicker material. I’m very happy!

Good luck.

Thanks for the chart. I have a Powermax 30 and will be using on my new table when it comes.